What is a Mandala?

The word mandala means circle or wheel in Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language from the Vedas. A mandala is a representation of the universe; a reminder of the interconnection of all beings, unity and harmony. It’s a cosmic diagram which is found everywhere we look in natures dynamics through its geometry.  

Mandalas have been in history of humanity since long ago as a form to remember and find again the origin. The natural movements of nature and creation are in spiral, concentrical. Observe the shape of a cell, and atom, mother’s womb, an eye, the spiral in a sunflower, the shape of our solar system.

These are some example of how nature create life and we are part of this. In order for us to remember and return to harmony within we required to go back to the source. Mandalas allow us to reconnect with the spiral of life and be reminded of the simplicity of life.  

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The basis of Sound Healing/ Therapy

The basis of sound healing is that vibration is fundamental to all matter. We understand that the atoms within the body vibrate at a specific speed/ frequency dependant on the area of the body. When this vibration can not occur at the speed that creates harmony this is what we call ‘dis-ease’.

Sound healing also known as Sound Therapy is all about restoring this healthy vibration to the body in order to gain balance again and recuperate the natural vibration of the human body.

Sound frequency impacts our sympathetic nervous system, your brain waves synchronise. The body is so cleaver that when it hears a frequency that it is not in tune with, it will match it, this is called law of resonance.

It is a law – just like gravity – when a vibration is stronger all the other energies in the area will begin to attune to its exact vibration.

Learn more about Sound Healing and the magnificent effect on body, mind and spirit. One to one Session and group Sound Baths can be arranged at any location. Contact us for more information.

Last May in Bellingen

It all began months ago with a simple invitation from my friend Taylor. -“You should come and do some workshops up here in Bellingen”. This was the first time I took my work into far away land. Only 7 hours from the Blue Mountains, but far enough. I took the offer with great joy and gratitude, even quite some fear too.

Dorrigo National Park NSW

We arrive in Bellingen and the next day we had to be at the monthly Bello Market. A huge market place with lots of crafts and beautiful food. People in Bellingen were very welcoming and kind. It was a great start on this adventure.

I did my first workshop on the following day, it was fantastic to share my work with all these beautiful people. Everyone enjoy the introduction with my favourite Tibetan Singing Bowl, taking us all straight into our heart space.

And this is how the day unfolded, full of joy, colours, geometry and of course sharing out but mostly going within, to explore that sense of intuition that I always mention in every event.

I had the opportunity to share a Sound Bath and sacred Cacao from the mother Mountains in north Colombia; Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. We shared in circle, in truth and with heart open.

I finish with a Sunday workshop, a cosy and fun group. Lisa who came to the workshop had been feeling sick all week, she just made it to the venue as she was very keen on this event. She manage to stay most of the day and complete her mandala. So much determination, it was wonderful. On this day I also had the pleasure to meet Tamaryn, a gorgeous drum medicine crafter and teacher who I invited to the Blue Mountains to host a Drum Making Workshop.

So this is how the web of life keeps expanding. We might not see the thread that is connecting us all and only if we keep moving with our internal rhythms we then continue remembering that interconnection. If you want to find out more about Tam’s work and her events in The Blue Mountains during October, visit https://www.spiritdrum.com.au/events

Thank you to all the beautiful people I came across and met in this beautiful land of North New South Whales.