Abundance in Being

I have been reflecting on abundance and slowly coming to the understand that abundance is really a state of being in which we accept all the infinite possibilities that exist. This understanding helps me to become open to the wisdom and the will of my inner divine nature. 

I recognize myself as part of the abundance of mother earth, I recognize myself in the abundance of each breath of oxygen which is given at every moment and which keeps me alive and nourished.  Whilst reflecting on this, I have discovered deeply engrained within myself a fake belief that “The more I have, the more I am”. By observing closely this belief and looking at my life I have come to the realization that in the past I have experienced an emptiness amongst the comfort of modern-day life, a secure job, etc.

Abundance is to trust in my own Being, in my inner nature, my inner intuition. This understanding of abundance is vibrating in infinite subtle levels. There is no time or space here, all possibilities unite in one single point. Here I give space to my being to express, to guide me through my intuition. Often, with my mind, I avoid this intuitive sense and I try to control situations from my rational mind which then limits possibilities. This acts as a safety mechanism, however, when I bring this sense of control into consciousness, I come to understand that there is nothing really secure or guaranteed and I am ironically creating just the illusion that “I have control”.

So abundance is about accepting and receiving daily food or daily wisdom.  Sometimes I crave to have more than I have. “I want to know it all”.  However, my Being is the holder of the deep wisdom and knows exactly what I need on a daily basis.  My intuitive heart can see much further than my limited perception of things, so it gives me just the right portion of what I need. It knows which lessons and at which times it is needed. At times I will receive a double portion of food all at once.  This may come in the form of a strong situation that leaves me with no ground to hold onto and I get swept into the unknown.  

Artwork: Tobe Fonseca

So gratitude fills my heart, as I deepen my understanding of abundance. I slowly learn how to digest and be patient with what life presents and realize that abundance is not about having more. It is about trusting that what I am receiving is right to sustain me and help me grow. In knowing this I move away from the belief that more is better. Abundance is a state of Being in which gratitude is the motor because it sees and recognizes the richness in every moment. My clear consciousness recognizes richness in every instant when it fully embraces the present, the being, and its infinite possibilities. So I no longer attach to one single way with specific conditions set by my mind. On the contrary, I learn to trust, to simply trust.

I am mesmerized when I think of all that has brought me to this point in time in which I am standing today, all the forces and influences of life that brought me to this very moment. It could not have been “me” planning this perfection. My mind could never have pictured this reality 14,422 km away from the land in which I was born.

Mother Nature and her creation, every animal, every plant, every being inhabiting her are in perfect order and harmony within this dance of life; birth and death. I reflect upon the intelligence that exists within her and which I have completely underestimated in an abrupt manner with my forgetfulness. And as I tune in with the abundance of being, it invites me to look at this aspect in mother nature which is holding and nourishing me at every moment. I recognize the infinite and absolute intelligence within Creation and I simply surrender to spontaneity, not feeding the battles in my mind and always being in defence mode. 

What is necessary will arrive every day, every moment in the right portion and my heart is at peace.

Thank you for reading


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