Golden Thread was born from the yearning to understand and share the relationship between the visible (matter) and invisible (sound) and how this knowledge is so important to regain balance in life and transform states of disease.


At Golden Thread we aim to make the invisible, visible by creating an atmosphere which allows people to be creative and to simply ‘be’.

Through the use of Sound Therapy and Mandalas we endeavour to create an environment which allows people to cultivate the qualities of calmness, relaxation and reflection which in turn relieves stress, tension, mental and physical agitation. Our ultimate aim is to assist people to find the pathway back into their heart and to enhance their mental and emotional wellbeing.

About the Founder


Hi, and thank you for visiting.
I first came across woven mandalas in 2012 whilst traveling through Argentina and my homeland Colombia in a quest to learn more about my ancestral roots. Initially I was drawn to sacred geometry, colour and the inviting meditative process of weaving a Ojo de Dios (God’s Eye) mandala. I soon began to understand the rich cultural history and symbolism in Native American mandalas which are called “Ojo de Dios” in Spanish (God’s eye). This lead me into learning about the Huichol culture from Mexico, discovering that this symbol is inherited in Native American, Tibetan, Mongolian, Persian, Inca, Nasa, Turkish and many more cultures around the world.
In my search I found a common denominator in all these cultures; the importance of the heart as the centre of the human being. Ever since I had a strong yearning to understand more about my heart and intuition, for which I have worked with mandalas in different modalities such as weaving, painting and mosaicking .

” As I follow the thread into my heart I discover who I truely am, I find what is vital and real within”

The more I understand the importance of connecting to my heart, the more I see the thread which binds it all, therefore I am moved to share this understanding with others. As I discover and connect with my own intuition, it motivates me to assist others to also develop their HEART and to connect with their own centre of gravity. On the other hand Sound Healing appeared in my life, with great influence of my brother and his love for music. I began to explore the unspoken and jet most universal language; sound. Sound Healing is a vehicle which I use to access that heart space which I believe we are all yearning for in this world of incessant distractions. Golden Thread is a project which began in 2015 under the name Wiwa Mandalas, today transforming and evolving, inspired by the universal knowledge of Sound Healing, Mandalas & Sacred Geometry. If you are sharing this truth, I would love to be in touch with you.




Sound Bath – Sound Healing Retreat [ Happy Buddha Retreat – Wentworth Falls NSW 2018]
Retreat Opening night 30+ ppl. Heart opening sound bath with instruments and voice.

Sound Therapy and Mandala Weaving Program at Wimlah [ Katoomba, NSW 2018]
Working with women who have experienced domestic violence – Program that teaches the importance of ones heart. Mandalas assist to build resilience, trust and to assist with post traumatic stress disorder.

Sound Therapy and Mandala Weaving Program for S.T.A.R.T.T.S ( NSW Services for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors) [ Auburn, Sydney 2018]
Working with women who have experienced torture or trauma – The program held through relaxing sound instrument and weaving mandalas a safe space to be creative, teaching of the importance in trusting ones own heart. Assist with recovery and post traumatic stress disorder.

Nature Loom Weaving Program for S.T.A.R.T.T.S ( NSW Services for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors) [ Megalong Valley NSW 2017]
Working with women who have experienced torture or trauma – The program held through a relaxing experience of weaving with collected natural objects such as branches, leaves, etc, cultivating creativity and relaxation. Assisting with recovery and post traumatic stress disorder.

Mandala program for Kids KOOSH Program at Katoomba Neighbourhood Centre
[ Katoomba NSW 2016 ]
Working with kids aged 5 to 12, cultivating relaxation in the body while weaving a four point mandala.

Arts & Crafts for LINC Disability Services [ Lithgow 2016 ]
Working with adult aged 30 to 65, hosting didactic activities to stimulate motor and creative centres.

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